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Elopements & Cinematic Weddings

Wedding videos make the "2020 must haves for weddings" list! Couples are searching for Colorado wedding videos more than ever when planning their big day.

A Jemeson // Windholz Elopement – 8.18.18

One of my favorite moments with the moon and stars:
Some couples love the creative side of wedding videos and when given creative control and the time to play, fun moments like these are born!

Looking back, this couple and I hit it off from square one! Our initial meet and greet at a local coffee shop in Thornton, CO ( vibe! ) turned out to be one of those “Did we just become best friends?” moments!

An original 20 minute meeting turned into about 2 hours as we shared stories and connected through a network of stories that already seemed connected!

The wedding day and the day after lead too some epic locations and fun ideas that we never really have time for with traditional wedding schedules. I feel truly blessed to have met them and continue to enjoy their friendship today!

Garden of the Gods Elopement – NFL player Domenik Hixon 6.24.18

Domenik Hixon and his fiancé Roop came out to one of Colorado’s iconic venues; Garden of the Gods, for their wedding elopement and WOW, what a couple!! Plus the views never disappoint! Such an amazing couple and day to be a part of!

“Marriage can be the greatest human relationship you will ever experience, however, in order for marriage to reach it’s full potential, you must allow God to play a primary role in your relationship. He knows your thoughts and your needs, the understands your hearts and your love for one another. In fact, it was God who created the love and excitement that you are experiencing at this very moment.”

It doesn’t seem like that long ago when wedding videography and wedding videos in general were easily overlooked when budgeting for the big day.  Now, we are seeing wedding videos as a “must have” in the industry.  Whether the couple thought of having their wedding filmed early on in the planning or they decided it just didn’t fit in the budget, it’s very common to hear couples say, “I wish we would have had a video,” after it’s too late. Video is simply the best way to relive the emotion of the day.

Cinematography vs Videography:
Let’s keep it simple.
Videography is turning a camera on, pointing it at the action or subject and capturing the moment without little thought of lighting, storytelling, or composition.

Cinematography is the art of storytelling, using a camera to capture emotion, light, and creative composition that helps embellish the story.

“A cinematographer has to know more than just painting with light.  He has to think about the movement, he has to think about what comes together when he shoots a sequence, that he knows which frames will meet.  What’s the rhythm of a scene, and how can he tell the story in the most visual way, the most dramatic way, to photograph a scene.  And that is much more than painting with light.” -Michael Ballhaus (-1935)

A Woods // Stacks RMNP Elopement – October 13th 2018

Amber and Tyler eloped in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park and used one of their favorite spots they frequent often; Copeland Falls and Copeland Lake for the big day! With recent snow just a day before the wedding, everything looked enchanting!

“My sweet Amber lovely, this has been a long time comin’. Over eight and a half years to be exact, I knew our some-day would come long before that though. You always asked me why I love you and today is the day you get to find out.”

A Sturm // Waters Vail Mountain Wedding – August 25th 2018

If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you. This amazing wedding took place at the Vail Wedding Deck in Colorado with the reception in the Lionshead Village just outside the Arrabelle. Too many amazing things about this wedding to list so you’ll just need to watch!

Kaci’s father starts the video off with a powerful yet simple prayer. “Lord, we pray that you would bless John and Kaci today as they begin their new journey through life. We pray Lord that you are with us and within us and in His name we pray, Amen.”

A Cottrell // Dow Wedding in Aspen – August 11th 2018

It was truly an honor to capture their big day and produce a wedding video for Page and Chris! The Aspen Snowmass area is nothing shy of breathtaking!!

“Cathryn Page Cottrell, as you know, I’ve always been drawn to water. I marvel at it’s adaptability, power, strength, and energy. And yet it can be tranquil, calming and reassuring. It gives us life, brings us joy, and revitalizes us. That is what you do for me. You give me strength and vitality when I need it and peace and contentment when I’m apprehensive and restless. You make me happier than I could have ever imagined for these and many other reasons. I have loved you since we met four years ago, and I am delighted to spend the rest of our lives together. I vow to work endlessly to do these same things fo you: to give you strength, energy, happiness, and life. I promise to heed the advice of our wonderful friends and family. I promise to be strong for you as you are for me. I promise to face life challenges and adventures by your side and I know we will be the better for it. I vow to love you and grow with you for the rest of our lives.”

A Schueth // Greve Cinematic Wedding – July 20th 2018

Kyra and Cord traveled out to Vail, Colorado from Nebraska for their, Epic-On-Top-Of-A-Mountain-Wedding! These two, along with their family and friends were a blast to work with and we are humbled as always to have been able to capture their big day! They commissioned us to produce a same day edit to showcase at the reception following the ceremony and it turned out amazing!

A Boles // Denney Elopement – July 20th 2018

Jessica and Josh traveled out from Illinois for their elopement at Saphire Point in Colorado! This couple was the real deal and so much fun. They felt like family from the time we spoke on the phone and the love only continued when we finally met. Their daughter Ava was such a sweet heart and full of spice! Enjoy these moments from their big day!

“We are here, to witness the Holy union between Josh and Jessica. They will declare their love and commitment to one another in front of you, their friends and family. Standing here. Literally on the edge of a mountain. Under this gorgeous summer sky, in the midst of this natural cathedral here at Saphire Point.”

A Devens // Fretz Destination Wedding – March 24th 2018

Megan and Josh traveled to Beaver Creek from North Carolina for an epic destination wedding and Colorado did not fail to amaze.

“On behalf of Megan and Josh, I want to welcome family and friends here to this beautiful place that means so much to them, for this sacred occasion to join this man and this woman. I mean, what a wonderful place. It was one of the first places that they visited as a couple and now to see their family and their friends to come here to witness this event, means so much to them. And God, just in the last few days has blessed us with I think 4 seasons, so uh, what a beautiful setting for this wedding. They truly thank you for being here as part of their celebration.”