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Training & Tutorial Videos

In today's world of digital content, you can connect with your customers and employees more than ever. From how to videos, to product demonstrations, from install videos, to internal videos for your new hires, a training or tutorial video will save you time and energy so you can focus on growing your business.

Quality Audio Video – YG Acoustics Sonja 2.2

If sophisticated home automation systems and “internet of things” is your jam then check out these new YG Acoustic Sonja 2.2™ speakers uncrated by Tyson Rabani at Quality Audio Video in Centennial, Colorado!! Here is a little info about the speakers taken from YG Acoustics:

Sonja™ 2 incorporates YG Acoustics™’ latest technologies, BilletDome™ and ViseCoil™, which until now were exclusive to the flagship Sonja™ XV. Marrying these technological breakthroughs with stunning industrial design, the result is a loudspeaker which is transformative in both performance and sheer visual beauty. Sonja™ 2 has unparalleled sonics, timelessly elegant form and pure seduction.

Makeup by Heather B – Online Makeup Tutorial Videos

Heather Baker is a professional makeup artist who’s passion is to help aspiring makeup artists make the jump into one of the fastest growing industries in the beauty world. From multiple youtube tutorial videos with over 50,000 views to an online academy where interested makeup artists can learn how to start their business, operate the business, and grow their business with salaries over $60k!

Producing these tutorial videos for Makeup by Heather B has been amazing and its so nice to see and hear how people taking her course are doing now! Makeup artists with over 10 years of experience have said this is a gold mine and that they have learned some valuable tips and tricks along the way in Heather’s course. As of 2018 we helped her produce and launch her online makeup academy which can be found here and has over 40 videos to help an aspiring makeup artist jumpstart their career!

Adam’s Polishes- Car Tutorials [The Bloopers]

Way back in 2010 we started producing Adam’s Polishes tutorial videos which was currently in volume 7 at the time. My good friend Joe Trigeiro and I produced countless videos for Adam, propelling the series through volume 9 over the course of 3 years. It was always a blast working with Adam and instead of boring you with car care tutorials, I thought you might enjoy a good laugh and a look at some bloopers during the 3 day production for volume 9 which was filmed in Florida.

Since 2014, Joe Trigeiro took a full time job with Adam’s Polishes and continues to manage their video content and marketing while freeing me up to follow Dylan von Kleist through his car care adventures that lead to countless more videos with with Surf City Garage and Rupes today.

Colorado Cancer Coalition Training Video Series

The Colorado Cancer Coalition came as a recommendation from a previous client of ours in which we produced some tutorial content for Cooking Matters. This series included 10 videos ranging from 6-15 minutes each and was created to help patients and their family members who are experiencing the effects of cancer. These training videos were created to help improve the quality of life during treatments and help make the best of the situation through nutrition and physical activity.

1963 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster

Educational videos are another great service that we are able to offer as part of our content creation arsenal. This incredibly rare Mercedes-Benz is a great example of what we are capable of when showcasing a product you’d like to highlight or sell. This style of video is great for an online catalogue where you may have some perspective and serious buyers looking to purchase. This style of video allows the viewer to have an experience with your product before meeting in person which always yields a very hot lead when they contact you! Videos like these help you seal the deal.

VintageView – Product Install Videos

VintageView has some incredible and patented products that are perfect for displaying your wine in your home or commercial space. These products are found throughout the world and many customers would rather watch a video on how to install their new product vs the contrary, navigating through an instructional manual.

Primanti Brothers – Culture and Training

A good friend and colleague of mine who owns Ace Miller Productions hired us at Cinepro Studios to film the content for the training video they were producing for their client, Primanti Brothers out in PA. Ace Miller is the best producer I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He kept the filming days well organized and directed while we cranked through the shotlist and now to look back on the overall production, they did a wonderful job polishing everything up and producing this spot. It was a pleasure to be a part of such a cool project and those sandwiches though?!? BOMB DOT COM!

Lean Goddess – Creative Training Guide

Colorado Foundation for Medical Care and the Learning & Action Network National Coordinating Center (LAN NCC) brought us on board a few years back to produce a creative training video for the Domestic Lean Goddess, voiced by Jane Brock, MD who created the material and directed by Kimothy Pikor.

This was a fun project as the Jane wasn’t particular about being on camera and wanted to create a fun way to keep the content light and entertaining. We decided to create a character that we could animate to help guide the story and the information while using kinetic typography and motion graphics to help drive some of the main points home.

There are many creative ways to create your tutorial and training videos and this is just one of those examples.

Surf City Garage Huntington Beach, CA

Partnering up with Surf City Garage a few years back to produce a series of product highlights and training videos for their new professional product line was incredible. The collection and showroom at Surf City Garage was simply breathtaking and with over 12 separate product demos and highlights we certainly had our work cut out for the 2 full days of filming on site in Huntington Beach.