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Social Media Videos

Social media video production and marketing shapes the way businesses reach their audience today. Engage current customers or reach potential new clients and customers with social media content in ways you've never been able to before. Lets give your audience something to smile about.

VintageView – San Franscico

West Coast Wine Cheese has big taste with big wines! Red wines chilled to 60°, whites chilled to 45°, bubbles and beer to 37° – this is just one example of the steps they take to deliver proper wine service. With VintageView providing a great display inside this quaint little wine and cheese shop located in San Francisco’s historic Cow Hollow District, West Coast Wine • Cheese is a wine bar, restaurant & bottle shop that showcases premier winemakers who are pushing the boundaries of quality, craftsmanship, and site specificity in CA, OR and WA.

Recoup Cold Roller | Crowd Sourcing Success

Recoup Fitness partnered with us on creating social media video content for their company and crowd sourcing campaign which turned out to be a success and was fully funded. Since the video, they’ve received more investments and backers and now you can buy your own cold roller on Amazon.

Art of the Yard – Social Media Brand Awareness

Video is the king of content and will allow your customers to engage with your company and products like never before. Perspective customers are able to take a look into the quality of what you offer in the market before calling for more information. This leads to higher quality leads due to the fact that a customer’s interest level of purchasing a product is significantly higher after they’ve viewed video content on your site or social accounts before contacting you.

Youtube – Social Media Video Production

Over the past 3 years we have produced Heather’s makeup tutorial videos and helped her build her following to prepare for the launch of her online makeup academy in 2018. Building a following organically while engaging viewers and providing quality content has not only helped spread Heather’s brand but it has also helped bring her more business!

Check out the academy!

Saratoga Hot Springs Resort | Wyoming

Wyoming is bountiful with things to do and places you can escape to and Saratoga Hot Springs Resort is one of the many. People come for the seclusion, the hot springs, and the adventure. Cinepro Studios is honored to have produced a series of adventures and things to do around Saratoga which lead to more bookings for the resort as families all over the world researched what they should do before traveling to the great state.

VintageView – Our Beliefs

A video to help your customers see your vision, beliefs, and mission as a company is a great way to engage your potential customers and help educate the customers you currently have. Cinepro Studios has the team to help collaborate your vision and bring your company message to life.

Fielding Tree and Shrub Care – Service Highlight

Owner of Fielding Tree and Shrub Care, Gabe Fielding, reached out to us with the need of new video content for his company heading into 2019 that would include some product and service highlights, about their company video, and a promotional video that encompasses their tree service company. As we film the products and services, we’ve started to archive footage for the promo video to be released in 2019.

Rupes USA | Tradeshow Booth Product Demo and Showcase

Rupes USA requested a video compilation of all their shorter social media videos we produced for them in the past so they could use them on location at their tradeshow events. This type of video is great for highlighting product features and spotlights the best of the best for your customers who are seeking products in your niche and market.

Mountain Skills Snowmobiling with Matt Entz

During my time filming for Rocky Mountain Adventure Junkies we hit up Matt Entz with Mountain Skills near Wolf Creek, Colorado for a snowmobiling video series. We covered topics around avalanche safety and basic riding skills needed for deep off trail powder. This was my first time on a snowmobile so video production did not come as easy as most shoots but I seemed to manage quite well. About a couple hours in though I soon realized I needed to focus on shooting and not so much learning what everyone else was as my energy was plummeting quickly. This shoot was so much fun and the views at the top were simply breathtaking. I don’t think there is a single project we would turn down, if I personally don’t have the skill someone on our team does or we have someone very trusted in our network of shooters.

Quality Audio Video – QAV | Grand Opening

The new showroom QAV erected in 2018 is nothing shy of amazing. The custom movie theatre designed for your home shakes you to the very core of your being while immersing you in a complete audio and visual experience. QAV contracted us to film the showroom before the grand opening in order to show and tease potential guests with what they could expect when attending. The showroom is truly an experience that you have to interact with in person.


We are honored to produce video content for VintageView Metal Wine Racks which is used on their youtube channel, website and social media accounts. These videos showcase a variety of products in commercial and residential spaces. With products showcasing wine all over the world, Cinepro Studios continues to travel, documenting some of their greatest.