Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are considered a "king-of-content-product" in today's marketing world. Without digital content for your marketing, you are unfortunately losing out on one of the largest ways you can deliver your brand to an eager and digital consuming audience.

Red Steak House | Miami, FL

Steak and Wine?? Yes please!
This promotional video piece was a lot of fun to produce! Traveling from Colorado to Miami was a 2nd time for us but an entirely different experience. Of course we stopped through Wyndwood this time through and checked out the art as well as the bomb donuts! I mean, the only thing better than steak and wine is coffee and donuts.


Have you ever arrived home from a long day of work and just hurt?? Have you ever found yourself hoping for a massage half way through your day at the office? RECOUP COLD ROLLER is the product that will save you time and time again with aching muscles as it not only allows you to massage the knots out but it ice’s them at the same time! It all sounds a little confusing though and if you’re anything like me, you might be asking yourself, “how?” This video should paint the picture for you!

Southlands Mall | Content Creation Denver

Cinepro Studios and House of Current teamed up to produce this spot for Southlands Mall in late 2018. We were contracted to capture aerial footage and some various shots needed from the ground to produce this engaging business to consumer spot, engaging community, and promoting the shopping mall.

VintageView – We Believe

What do you believe? This mission statement style video lets the team behind the brand shine as they all work together to tell the ideas and mission behind VintageView. Creatively written, we produced the spot with three separate locations, and about 6 hours of production time. We work effectively and efficiently saving our clients money and time.

Southeast Christian School Promotional Video

Cinepro Studios and Southeast Christian School partnered together to bring the vision and passion behind the school to the Denver Metro area. When interviewing Michelle, I was simply rocked by her passion and devotion to her role as, Head of School. Looking back at our time with Michelle and the school, I will say the word, “genuine,” is the first word that comes to mind. Authenticity is fairly rare in today’s world but Michelle does not to put on a front or pretend to be someone she is not. This promotional video allows you as a parent to see who she is and what her school is all about.

Bella Lu Floral | Denver Colorado Wedding Florist

Angela is the sweetest and most creative person I know when it comes to designing your perfect space on your wedding day. Her use of floral and her ability to see your vision and bring it to life is nothing shy of amazing! You won’t be disappointed booking with Bella Lu Floral! We are truly honored to have been able to produce this promotional video for her company and help her grow her business.

Cibo | South Beach, FL

Any work that takes us to South Beach requires an extended stay to the keys! Cibo and the wine angels are something to write home about for sure! With the wine angel flying upside down with your selected bottle for the evening, you can’t help but to smile and get excited for the evening.

Joy Global – P&H 2650cx Hybrid Shovel

Since the production of this video, Joy Global has merged with Komatsu. Aerial and ground footage was provided by Cinepro Studios while Joy Global’s internal media team produced the edit on this production.