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Medical & Healthcare Videos

With such great need for medical and healthcare video content, Cinepro Studios is happy to provide a variety of products to meet the needs of the industry. From Hospital tours to stories of people getting set free from addiction, Cinepro Studios has the tools and experience to produce your vision.

Corhio – Behavioral Health Choose2Share App

Cinepro Studios partnered with Signal Behavioral Health and Corhio to develop a video and content such as brochures and documents that multiple facilities across Colorado could display in their waiting rooms. The main issue with sharing data is that it is very protected with HIPPA laws however Choose2Share found a solution to the headache driven process. With a simple application, the patient could choose who they wanted to choose to share their personal information with. A simple check box would allow their family doctor to see a portion or all of their data from their behavioral health practice.

They wanted the video to be engaging, creative, yet explain what the patient could expect with this new program. They could keep what they wanted private and choose to select what they wanted shared across practices outside of their behavioral health center.

Martek – VA Hospital Vignettes

Martek was the company contracted in 2016 to basically come in and save the day! They were behind the massive transition from the old facility in Denver, Colorado to the new location in Aurora, Colorado. They outfitted the building and helped with the transition in getting all the patients from one location to the next. In this process, Cinepro Studios. was contacted to help cover the story as well as create some short 30-60 second videos for the VA Hospital to display throughout the 1.2 million square ft facility.

A Message to Primary Docs: Addiction & Care for the Pregnant Patients

A great message to doctors from a doctor. Kaylin Klie, MD, MA specializes in perinatal addiction. She is working to educate other primary care docs on prenatal and addiction care for pregnant women who struggle with substance use disorders.

Arapahoe House – Addiction Changes Lives

Arapahoe House was a non profit in the behavioral health category of healthcare but sadly had to close it’s doors in 2018 when funding was cut by the new white house team. However, they had many strong years and helped hundreds of people change their lives and set them on a journey to recovery. We were honored to help capture these stories and produce a shorter piece that provides hope for those looking for help. Although, their doors are closed, these videos and messages live on forever and continue to bless families in Colorado and beyond.

CFMC – Heart Attack Survivor

Colorado Foundation for Medical Care reached out to us create some videos around their up coming conference based around Mindset and Inspiration. We wanted to create a heart warming video about overcoming obstacles and hardships in life with the right mindset. Bob Goroski survived a heart attack and at the age of 72 he has been more active and attentive to his eating habits. It is far to easy to give up on things but when you push through and keep your mind focussed on the end goal, anything is possible.

The Center at Northridge – Colorado Hospital Tour Video

When you need physical therapy after a surgery, there are many options around the Denver Metro area however The Center at Northridge sets themselves apart from the others with care that treats you like family, gourmet food, state-of-the-art equipment, and private suites with private restrooms.

Many competitors who offer similar facilities have joint rooms and shared restrooms along with outdated equipment. The Center at Northridge wanted a video that felt like a tour but had a message that showed some of the perks in choosing their facility over others.

Mother’s Connection | Signal Behavioral Health

Signal Behavioral Health has been a long time client of ours and our passion continues to grow in helping spread awareness about mental health. This 30 second spot was slightly tricky due to hard deadlines and weather that was not cooperating. Filmed in 20-30mph wind, we did our best to bring the vision to life and received wonderful feedback after going live.

Restore Innocence

Restore Innocence is a non profit based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They rescue girls from what we know as modern day slavery called sex trafficking. When they reached out to us, we were delighted for the opportunity in helping them create a story about “Her Story” that would build awareness around this major problem. On top of drawing awareness to what Restore Innocence is doing for the girls we wanted to run a parallel story connecting sex trafficking with the pornography industry as 49% of women who were trafficked had pornography made of them while enslaved.

As said by Jefferson Bethke, “Fighting sex trafficking and then watching porn is like protesting a corrupt politician and then donating to their campaign.”These girls are not only trapped in the industry they are trapped in each and every computer, cell phone, tablet, and television set as people continue to navigate to find them inside the dirty sites they are trapped. We can all get behind this though and end it. Its up to us, to help change Her Story.

CureDuchenne Cares – Denver

Debra Miller, founder of Cure Duchenne has such great advice for families in this video. One thing she thinks is important is to celebrate today, but to plan for the future and to plan for a long and successful future.

CureDuchenne Cares – Houston

Before we commissioned work for CureDuchenne Cares, we had never heard about duchenne muscular dystrophy. I was simply brought to tears through hearing about the hope and community these parents share for their children.

The Center at Arrowhead | Veritas Management Group, LLC

Veritas Management Group sent Cinepro Studios out to Arizona to film two properties after receiving their final cut for their Thornton location in Colorado. Virtual tours are one of those assets a company can utilize not only as a lead generator but a way to give perspective clients a taste of what they will experience on site before deciding to travel to the location. When your perspective customer arrives on site after viewing a virtual tour they are much more likely to become paying customer due to their expressed interest.

The Center at Val Vista | Veritas Management Group, LLC

This is the second property Cinepro Studios had the pleasure of filming for Veritas Management Group, LLC in Phoenix, Arizona. Ironically, when lead cinematographer Dusty Jenkins walked in the door, he was greeted by a familiar face at the reception desk. It turned out that the receptionist was from Dusty’s hometown, Gillette, Wyoming and that they had worked together throughout high school. It’s always good running into old friends!

Colorado Burn Camp

Cinepro Studios partnered with Colorado Firefighter Calendar to produce this video in 2013 for the annual burn camp that the calendar raises money for. Through these touching stories of tragedy, other children going through the same thing can come and connect, build relationships, and let their guard down.