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Live Concerts & Music Videos

Video productions for music videos and concerts is one thing we've always loved producing! Small intimate shows or a sold out tours, we can assemble the team for your gig.

Like A Storm – Pepsi Center

Kent Brooks from Like A Storm contacted as they headed to Denver for a huge show at the Pepsi Center with Godsmack and they were hoping we were available to film the set and some behind the scenes for them.  Kent, his brothers, and the amazing drummer were all incredible and were extremely hospitable with us!

This was our first time filming at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado and the show did not fail to disappoint!  If you have a didgeridoo as part of your heavy rock, musical instrument arsenal, then I can assure, the show will be not only entertaining but more fun than you bargained for!

Red Fox Run | “Love isn’t Love”

Daniel Rondeau reached out to us in April of 2015 as he and the band received the opportunity to have one of their latest albums produced by Cam Records. Cam Records and Red Fox Run began collaborating with us about the look, style, and location of where and how music video should be produced. Without the process of pre-production it would be safe to say that when the day came to start filming, all chaos would break out as we wouldn’t have structure or a timeline to follow.

After a few rounds of revisions to the treatment we came up with a solid plan to move the shoot from the interior of the castle to the exterior allowing for more visually compelling shots. One of the largest concerns though was that the band did not want the castle to still anything away from the actual song they produced so we all decided it was best to establish the extreme wide shot at the very end, revealing the castle.

Iration | Fox Theater Boulder

Iration has been a long time favorite group of mind so when I found out they were wanting coverage I was literally coming out of myself. Towards the end of the show they covered a Tom Petty song for their fans who received it with ecstatic energy. We would film Iration every time they come to town if the opportunity was there!

Simplemen | “Toast to the Northwest”

Ian Shaw, Tanner Weis, & Austen Murray formed Simplemen back in the day and unfortunately at the moment they have split up and now producing music individually. This music video was produced in the northwest and consisted of 3 days starting in Seattle and working our way down the coast ending in Portland, Oregon the last day of production.

During pre production we came up with numerous in scene transitions and executed them all while shooting and in the edit which turned out quite nicely.

These guys are lyrically talented and in my opinion the track would start off with bang by skipping the first chorus but hey, I make videos not music! Check out this music video “Toast to the Northwest”.

Bob Marley’s Birthday – The Wailers

Dwayne Anglin also known as Danglin agreed to an interview before The Wailers came out and performed the entire Legend album at the Gothic Theatre in Denver, Colorado. We really wanted to know what it was like to continue such a huge legacy and to be up there in Bob’s shoes so to speak. Danglin enlightened us with some great information, not only about the songs but how he got involved with The Wailers.

The Expendables | Boulder, Colorado

Geoff Weers of The Expendables sat down with us to give us some insight on the direction of where The Expendables was heading back in 2010. This concert was actually the first live concert Cinepro Studios filmed as we covered the full two night set at the Fox Theatre. If you like a blend of surf rock reggae and hard rock mixed with a little metal, The Expendables will get you moving!

Tarrus Riley plays Cervantes Masterpiece

In my opinion and many others, Tarrus Riley is like the Michael Jackson of reggae. He has one of the smoothest voices in his genre and brings a very soul filled style to his music. I think even his producer Dean Fraser agreed that he has one of the most unique sounds in the reggae world. Dean Fraser watched Tarrus Riley grow up and was able to mentor him in his early years. This live concert was by far a dream come true while Tarrus Riley and the Blak Soil Band played the latest album “Love Situation” in Denver, Colorado.

A Day in the Life of Through the Roots

My buddy Riccardo Marino and I teamed up to produce a video that captured a little about the day in the life of this up and coming band. Through the Roots has a great sound to their music as it reminds me of surfing in Hawaii. We helped film the show and operate a few cameras that night while Riccardo and his talented crew; Wholeheart Productions, did the interviews and all the broll. We helped them construct the storyline and worked through the edit together to create this story. Enjoy!

Selasee & The Fafa Family

Reigning from Boulder, Colorado this local group packs in the culture and good vibes at all their shows. Releasing their latest album, we were invited to capture the occasion as people came out to hear some of their new tunes like this one, “Fly Away,” for the very first time. We first discovered this group when my wife and I happened to pop in on a small set they were performing at Appaloosa Bar and Grill in Denver, Colorado and our connection and relationship has grown since then.