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With the gear and experience needed to produce your multi-day event, Cinepro Studios will capture your keynote presentations, masterminds, breakout sessions, and corporate seminars for your company to preserve for internal purposes or future recruiting.

CureDuchenne – Denver Workshops and Convention

I hadn’t heard of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy until we were asked to film the Denver workshops in 2018. It is a fairly rare disease that currently does not have a cure but this CureDuchenne is constantly raising awareness and funding as research leads scientists closer and closer to finding a cure! In the meantime, CureDuchenne is dedicated to teaching families about ways to improve the quality of life in their home and their child.

This video helps provide some hope to parents who may have just discovered their child has been diagnosed. The workshops are all about building enthusiasm and providing comprehensive information for parents to learn about the best practices today for caring for their child as well as meet and connect with other parents who are going through the same journey.

“It’s important to celebrate every single day and plan for a healthy, long, and successful future.” – Debra Miller, CEO & Founder of CureDuchenne

CureDuchenne – Houston Workshops and Convention

After we  filmed the workshops in Denver, CureDuchenne had our team head out to Houston, TX to capture that event as well. They wanted this video to feel more upbeat and hopeful while focussing more on the kids. This video paints a picture of what it’s like to attend a workshop for parents and the kids!

CureDuchenne is not only focused on finding a cure but they are vested in today while making sure families have the information for day to day care.

NEXTGEN – Multi-Day Healthcare Management Workshops

This event was a multi-day event with breakout sessions for the general managers to dive in, ask questions, and build their tools and assets for increasing sales in the next quarter. Cinepro Studios was contracted and awarded the bid to capture the presentations and the breakout sessions. Many times, clients would like their powerpoint presentations edited into the final video and to save time and keep costs lower for Nextgen we were able to provide an additional recorder that was placed between the AV team and the screens for the participants to view. This allowed us to easily sync the timing of keynotes and powerpoint in post production later while being able to turn around the final products much faster.

Vivos – Breathe New Life | Multi-Day Presentations

Vivos life is making waves in the sleep apnea arena and have multiple case studies and success stories as well as publicized success of their product. With multiple 2 day meetings, Cinepro Studios was able to work with Vivos on tailoring a final product that would save them time and money.

One solution we were able to provide was a live switcher on site which minimized the need for 30-60 day turnaround times on post production. The switcher allowed us to edit the camera feed and the powerpoint presentation in real time and provide files that needed very little work before reaching a final product. With this solution we are able to turn around final videos in less than 7 days after the event.

iPAS2 – Miami Event

Traveling to Miami to film this mastermind event was a great experience overall! With multiple days of presentations, interviews filmed on a yacht, and a celebratory party at the Hard Rock Stadium, this video showcases some of the fun and why everyone was so excited to attend.

Denver Mastermind Event ft Paul Hutchings – 2013

Videos are dated however the content is often timeless. Looking back at all the seminars, masterminds, conventions, and workshops we’ve filmed over the years, this mastermind event has to be one of my favorites. It changed the course of my life in a big way as the tools I learned while filming are still used today in 2018. Paul Hutchings played a huge role on how I viewed life from this moment on. Enjoy this snippet from one of his presentations during the 2 day mastermind event in Denver, Colorado – 2013.