Youtube Videos

Video marketing is very important to the success of your business. In fact, most people; especially the millennials, would all rather watch a video then read a bunch of text. If you are not aware, Google owns youtube ….. soo that means that youtube videos happen to be a GREAT way to rank your content and keywords! Don’t have a video?? We have you covered!! Cinepro Studios is a video production company that knows the ins and outs of the SEO world and the constantly changing algorithm updates Google throws your way every 3-4 months or so.

If you are wanting to launch your very own youtube channel and don’t quite know how to do it and make it successful then you’ve found the right place!

Makeup By Heather B

Heather Baker is a local Makeup Artist in Denver, Colorado. She reached out to us in January of 2015 expressing her ideas about starting her own tutorial youtube channel but just didn’t quite know how to do it. There were many concerns about lighting, what camera to use, how to upload the video, how to get the video found once it was public, ect. ect.

Well, that’s where we came in. Having a full time business is already time consuming so to try and pile on a new adventure of managing your own youtube channel on top of all your social media accounts can easily become overwhelming. Since February of 2015, we launched her first video and in 3 short months she already has over 13,000 views and 350 new subscribers.

Rocky Mountain Adventure Junkies

Rocky Mountain Adventure Junkies reached out to us in the beginning of 2014. Their needs were based around video marketing as they were growing their brand around their apparel line and since video production is something that we do best, our company was a no brainer for them. Videos plus SEO equals ….. well it equals over 90,000 views in less than 7 months as our campaign started shortly before summer of 2014 and ended around October of 2014

During that time they gained 300+ subscribers and their facebook fan base took off like a rocket as well with over 10,000 fans and growing. Video Marketing gives your company the chance to get in front of eyes that would not know about you any other way. Even driving directly past your store front has less results in advertising than video marketing.