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Getting your small business up and running can be intimidating and beyond that, the questions, how will people find me??!! I used to be in those same shoes! Starting a video production business in Denver was intimidating and there were many uncertainties but I knew that the journey of 1000 miles starts with one footstep so I had to take that first step and see what happens.

I had many successes and many areas I learned from. One of those areas being SEO, (search engine optimization) you’d be surprised that the amount of people I chat with about what we do, have no idea what SEO even means, and thats okay! SEO is how your business is found on the intervebs (said with a Switzerland accent) haha, gotta make this boring content fun somehow!

Let me be honest with you! I used to pay $450 a month to be ranked on the first page of google for 6 keywords in my niche around video production and wedding films. Ouch!! and that price is actually on the lower end of the spectrum!

What exactly was I paying for? I had no idea! So I started to do some research and by circumstance I ended up getting a video gig for a company who specialized in SEO so I learned enough info to be dangerous in that weekend. I thought, well! If I’m paying $450 a month but kinda have the knowledge to do this myself I will dive in and see where it takes me.

Here I am almost a year later with enough info to successfully rank my own site and a handful of others to make sure I knew what I was doing.
That’s where the early bird pricing came into play. I wanted to offer something that was less than half of what I was paying for a guarantee on better results!

Organic Ranking on Google and Youtube

If you are a local business and have yet to be listed within google maps; I can tell you this, you are missing out on a very large opportunity on clients trying reach you! Once I listed our business on google maps it seemed like we went from email inquiries that were once a week to at least once every other day if not once a day!Unlike our competitors, we know the results we can help you achieve will not only get the phone ringing but will get more business through your door and for that we offer a 50% money back guarantee!! Check out our pricing info here!