Cinepro Studios started during a conversation, laughter, and smiles shared over some burritos at Benny’s Mexican Restaurant back in 2009 and since that moment, we have grown exponentially. Cinepro Studios is a video production company, so why SEO??

Well about 2 years ago we had a client hire us to film their 3 day seminar on search engine optimization. At the time I was paying a firm $450 a month to rank 6 keywords for 1st page google placement….ouch! But, you know what! I was staying busy.

If your potential customers can’t easily find you then its obvious, you are simply losing out on business! So, after filming the massive amount of information I then was able to take it and digest it over and over again while editing the seminar so by the time the client received their finished product, I knew more tips and tricks then some of the most famous SEO firms. I fired my SEO guy and took to the wind my new found knowledge with surprising fast and great results.

Staring in early 2015 we started offering our own SEO packages to start up companies and small businesses. With over a year of practice on our own website and a few clients who let us test some things out with them, we are now confident we can achieve your goals! So confident we will give you 50% of your money back if you don’t see results!! That’s something you probably won’t find anywhere else!

Dusty Jenkins – Owner // SEO Guru // Lead Cinematographer // Editor

I just like to smile …. smiling is my favorite 🙂 The Elf is a great movie too! Anyways, I love storytelling and helping other passionate entrepreneurs succeed! Ever since I can remember I would do things any entrepreneur would! I sold cookies and lemonade to the workers coming and going from the local part store at lunch time in my beginning days, I went door to door selling items out of a fundraiser magazine, I managed over 6 paper routes, I had 3 jobs by the time I was 15, and throughout high school I sold candy bars out of my backpack!

After graduating the Art Institute of Colorado, I realized a $12-15 hour job was not going to help support our daily lives and pay back 100k in college debt so I started my own business. My goal is to keep others from making the same mistakes I did! I have so many tips and tricks to help jump start your business that you’re not only getting SEO service from us but valuable knowledge as we coach you to success!

Jake Vest – SEO consultant // Cinematographer // Editor

Ever since I can remember I have always enjoyed making movies. It has been one of the best ways I can express myself at that moment of time. My passion has grown each and everyday leading me to Cinepro Studios. Previously starting as an intern, I met Dusty when I came across a video he had created for Rocky Mountain Adventure Junkies.

Immediately enthused, I sent Dusty an email looking for a position. In January of 2015, my new adventure in filmmaking with Cinepro has taken me to places my education could not. I have a good eye for composition and editing has always been a strong suit for me. I look to take my filming to new heights, allowing me to travel and explore while capturing it all for others to experience! On top of this passion I have, I am excited to be learning how to rank websites, videos, research successful organic keywords, utilize social media successfully for business and studying how to improve google analytics and rankings daily.