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Cinepro Studios started during a conversation, laughter, and smiles shared over some burritos at Benny’s Mexican Restaurant back in 2009 and since that moment, we have grown exponentially. As visionaries, we thrive on taking your stories and putting them into a creative film that you, your family, and friends can enjoy well after your wedding day.

Anybody can shoot a video and we realize that. There will always be competitors in the market and you will always be able to find someone that can do the job for cheap however, with the experience, education, years of fine tuning our style, and our ability to not only capture your day in a creative way but to edit your day into a visually compelling film that captivates emotion, sets us apart from everyone else.

We don’t require 100% payment before the wedding as we believe a good friendship is built around trust so we get paid in full when the product is complete. We don’t limit the time you get us on your day as we specialize in full day coverage cause hey, we all know weddings can be expensive, so we want to capture all of it for you. We stand behind our work and take no shortcuts so lets grab some burritos (or something simple like coffee, beer, or appetizers) and share some stories to see if we are a good fit for you!

Dusty Jenkins – Owner // Lead Cinematographer // Editor

I just like to smile …. smiling is my favorite 🙂 The Elf is a great movie too! Anyways, I love storytelling! My passion and eye for cinematography started back in my bowling years of high school, we just called it cam cording though I think haha …. hey! I still enjoy bowling 😀 I have been so blessed in the last 10 years, getting to meet wonderful people, traveling all over the nation to do what I do best, and I picked up a few awards along the way.

My lovely wife has supported me every step of the way and encouraged me when I didn’t think I could swim anymore. I have a beautiful little girl named LillianGrace, yes that’s her first name 😀 you can ask me all about it someday!

I always catch myself wondering while driving as I imagine, where are all the other cars around me going? What’s their story? I think that’s why I enjoy weddings so much, the mystery behind the two families, where they came from and how they met is always something that fascinates me as I step into a moment of their lives to preserve it forever.

Jake Vest – Cinematographer // Editor

Ever since I can remember I have always enjoyed making movies. It has been one of the best ways I can express myself at that moment of time. My passion has grown each and everyday leading me to Cinepro Studios. Previously starting as an intern, I met Dusty when I came across a video he had created for Rocky Mountain Adventure Junkies.

Immediately enthused, I sent Dusty an email looking for a position. In January of 2015, my new adventure in filmmaking with Cinepro has taken me to places my education could not. I have a good eye for composition and editing has always been a strong suit for me. I look to take my filming to new heights, allowing me to travel and explore while capturing it all for others to experience!

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